Our farm was born from the love for this land, and translates into the care for the enhancement of our olive trees and its fruits, sensing the potential and choosing a cultivation according to a modern concept of organic farming.

We have decided to respect the centuries-old tradition of this territory, preserving the original spaces among the plants as conceived by those who preceded us, avoiding pursuing the now widespread maximum productivity of the land.

Our goal is in fact the achievement of the absolute quality of the products, inherent in our land, preserving the valuable characteristics of our olives that can give the best of themselves only if grown with the right contribution of what nature gives us, light, water, wind and nutrient components of the soil.

This balance can be achieved and preserved if the plant is guaranteed its proper living space, which must not be reduced to the advantage of greater productivity of the surrounding land.

Deleonardis Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a 100% Italian organic product. The olives from which it is obtained are harvested from plants grown with a process that does not involve the use of chemical components.

The oil is cold extracted in the shortest possible time from the harvest, in order to preserve all the original characteristics of value, with rare organoleptic characteristics and nutritional properties.


Azienda Agricola V.M.
P.IVA 06706500722

Contrada Sant’Agostino – 70027
Palo del Colle (BA)


Codice ODC IT-BIO-012
Operatore Controllato n. 01950

Prodotto e confezionato presso:
Via Le Matine sn Mariotto fraz. Bitonto (BA)



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